Park Shin Hye inspired earrings in You're beautiful (K-drama)

My Park Shin Hye inspired bow earrings are finally released!!! it makes 3 weeks that i wanted to make them and now that i've received all i wanted, i've finally finished them^^
Here are some pictures of park shin hye in you're beautiful wearing bow earrings (unfortunately we don't see it clearly so you can better see them in the HD episode) :

My inspired Park Shin Hye (Go Mi Nam) earrings:

Matériel / Material
  • 2 perles de swarovski blanches / 2 white swarovski pearls
  • 2 noeuds papillon en zirconium / 2 bow CZ
  • les autres composants sont en argent 925 / the other componants are made with sterling silver 925
Prix / Price :
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8 commentaires:

  1. Hey. I absolutely love this k-drama!!. lol I just blogged about it last night.

  2. this is so cute and sophisticated!!! I love it!! Great job hon!! :)

  3. Your really talented too. The earring's look exactly the same.

    And...since we had it in mind at the same time that mean's I was meant to buy it :D Gotta find some way to get money until then it's on my wish list :)

  4. Wow, these are indeed so beautiful! Good work!

  5. I love how the bows are crystal! So pretty. :D

  6. :: high five! ::

    Aren't these CZ bows the best? I got a shipment last week, and pounced on them!

  7. wow these earrings are amazing! so cute x

  8. these are my favourites!

    ils sont tres jolie!!

    thank you for looking at my blog, please share it with friends that you think will find it interesting

    gros bisous xxx


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