"Purple chandelier" earrings back in stock!

"Purple Chandelier" earrings

Matériel / Material :

  • All is made with sterling silver, purple and lavender zirconia
  • Tout est fabriqué en argent 925, violet et lavende zirconium
Prix / Price :
31 USD
25 euros
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2 commentaires:

  1. OMG!! These are super duper cute! I love those colors and the design is just WOW!!

    I still speak French, but it's more of a broken French. The grammar is really bad, but my parents still understand what we're trying to say. I can still read it - which surprises me LOL. It's been 20 years since I've been there. My parents are planning to make a trip to France next summer. I don't have the funds to go - but I wanna go visit France again. I miss it.
    Are you into anime and such? j/w since you said you go to Japan Expo - usually those are like Japanese conventions or Anime conventions. ^_^ If it's an anime convention - do you cosplay? do you have a personal blog? I just realized I've been messaging you via your jewelry blog. ahhaha

  2. celles ci je les adore..


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