Long teardrops earrings

This pair of earrings is made with 14K gold filled (hooks are made with gold vermeil), and two swarovski teardrops (clear). It is 95mm long.
Cette pair de boucles est fabriquée en or (exceptée pour les crochets d'oreilles qui sont faits en or vermeil), 2 gouttes de swarovski (blanc/clair). Elles font 95mm de long.

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  1. I like this one! I need some dangling earrings! ^_^ very cute!

    YOU'RE GORGEOUS too! ^_^

    hope you're doing well! I've had to go into the office all week this week...and now I'm back to working at home. My computer broke and I had to get it fixed! lol but going into the office has made my days go by MUCH FASTER! ^_^ hehehe the weather here is starting to get chilly...so i'm sure where you are - it's FREEZING!! Keep warm and bundle up! ^_^

  2. love the jewelry ^__^


  3. Love the style of these earrings! So creative! By the way you are very pretty and your skin is to die for! You seem to be so pore less and flawless. :-)


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