Park Shin Hye inspired earrings in You're Beautiful (back in stock)

Park Shin Hye inspired earrings in You're Beautiful (back in stock!)


Matériel / Material :

  • All is made with sterling silver 925, swarovski pearls (white), and zirconia
  • Tout est fabriqué en argent 925, perles blanches de swarovski et zirconium


Prix / Price :

25 USD

**free shipping everywhere**

it is a pre-order; i will have only few earrings in stock, so you can reserve it now :)
two weeks to be shipped
Email me if you are interested :) drey_jd@ymail.com

6 commentaires:

  1. hii...followin u..thanks for d comment..
    love d jewellery here..amazing stuff...

  2. very cute! I have to save up my money - christmas is coming soon!

  3. Hello Audrey ! I'm good but a little bit stressed with school hahaha how about you ? Beautiful earrings ! You should post more of your photos wearing the jewelry ;)

  4. These are so cute! I just finished watching You're Beautiful, and was so excited to see a replica of her earrings. I love that you do replicates of jewelry from Asian dramas :D

  5. Coucou vraiment j'adore tes bijoux! C'est vraiment mon style. C'est beau avec un petit style asiatique ^^! Comme tu dois le savoir en tant qu'étudiante je suiis completement pauvres sinon j'aurai commandé tout tes bijoux! En tout cas bonne continuation.


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