Golden leaves earrings

"GOLDEN LEAVES" earrings

Matériel / Material :

  • all is made with 16K gold plating


Prix / Price :

23 USD

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  1. I'm actually majoring in Nutrition! It sounds pretty interesting to me, so I hope I can stick with it. We have three months of summer holiday as well! (June-August, right?) I may actually go to France or England for a study abroad program that my school has!

  2. I also made leaf earrings recently, except mine are tiny leaves and in silver but yours look really nice in gold! Thx for dropping by :D

  3. Thanks for dropping by, your the first person to ever post on my blog! haha, Your jewellry pieces are so beautiful, keep it up girl ! <3

  4. They are beautiful!, love them, you do very pretty jewelery!;).
    Nice blog.


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