Sparkly heart ring

my little cousin wanted for christmas a blue heart ring with little crystal bicones^^ So i have created this ring especially for her :)
This ring is special because it is a custom item that you can have with the colour you want and your specific ring size. So every rings are unique and made with love and care :)


Prix / Price :

28 USD

**free shipping everywhere**


i think that a gold or silver colour of crystals could be great for this period of the year :) i'll make me a gold one lol


Please email me the colour you would like to have and your ring size :)

=> drey_jd@ymail.com

Your ring will be shipped between 2/3 weeks

More details or pictures? email me :)

10 commentaires:

  1. That's such a beautiful ring Audrey :) Love the blue colour and yes, I think gold or even red would be so festive this season.

  2. Aww what a beautiful ring Audrey ! Totally love it ! You're so talented , did you learn how to make jewelry by yourself ?

  3. Ohh, I see. And no problem :) Let me know when it's back up so I can check it out! Also, I tagged you in a random survey thing, hehe. You don't have to do it if you don't want to though! It was just for fun =)

  4. Okay :) Are you planning to stay with that site to sell your items?

  5. Hey! Thanks for visiting! Im loving your site! You create such beautiful jewelry! I think I'll start doing some jewelry later haha! Definitely looks beautiful! You should follow my site! I'm definitely following yours :D

  6. that is such a beautiful ring...I love the color...OMG!!!

    so cute...


  7. Hey Audrey! I've been well! Just a bit stressed with all the photoshoots and assignments from classes. My school gets out on the 17th, so I am quite excited to be on break. :D I have 2 more big photoshoots, one making my model and geisha and then make her look like she's from the Rococo era. lol. Your latest jewelry has been so pretty! i haven't bought anything lately, but I've been wanting to! :D Hope you've been well!


thank you for passing by on Drey Jewelry :) i'll comment you back as soon as i can^_^