"Beautiful Day" earrings

hi everyone, just wanted to make a kpop style pair of earrings for the upcoming spring. It is called "beautiful day" like the song of Kim Yeo Hee, a new singer that i really like :)

"BEAUTIFUL DAY" earrings

  • All is made with 16K gold plating and black plating over steel
  • about 10cm
27 USD
**free shipping everywhere**


"My Princess" earrings

Hi everyone :)
I just wanted to share with you my new simple and innocent pair of earrings. I wanted to represent my favourite Korean drama nowadays that is called “My princess”. The main character is very lovely, pure, and innocent. She is wearing a lot of beautiful flower' hairbands. I wanted to suits them with a pair of sparkly roses earrings to symbolize her beauty and a white pearl to symbolize the purity and innocence of her look and personnality ^^


"MY PRINCESS" earrings

All is made with rhodium plated, zirconia and a white pearl

16 USD

**free shipping everywhere**


more pictures? contact me : drey_jd@ymail.com


"2 DIFFERENT TEARS" earrings

I was inspired by the title of wonder girls' song : "two different tears" and added a classy touch that i love^^


All is made with rhodium plated (anti tarnish), blue zirconia
very high quality :)
=> about 7 cm long

26 USD
**free shipping everywhere**